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  • L'intense De Blue Black Essence will transport you to the heart of the african continent and strongly expresses a primal yet elegant and magnetic masculinity.


    Such an enchanting fragrance will certainly leave a lasting impression! Black essence is a spectacular boozy, spicy-oriental perfume. It can be best described as having a warrior-like intensity, defined by a textured play on contrasts and elevated by a vibrant neo-oriental soul, black essence is an addictive and sensual elixir with an ambery oriental vibe.


    This is a conspicuously masculine fragrance that will give you self-confidence at any time of the day. Impressive beginning, glorious heart and magnetic/sexy dry down smell. Initial blast is boozy mix with spices and faint dusty floral note. Booze and spices to leave a stunning "I am here and take me seriously" scent impression. Then by the heart, the booze is slowly fading, the dusty floral kept escalating to build up comfort and toned down the spices while the guaiac wood is starting to reveal it's sweet and alluring character. A sensual cocoa and soft leathery vibe are manifesting at this stage. By the dry down, with the resin and musk supporting the spices and woody oriental notes, the dusty floral and dominant spices were dying away and what was left was somewhat creamy, bittersweet woody gourmand with soft leather undertone.


    Also comes in 10ml sample spray. Perfect to find your new favorite!


    • It depends on many factors, such as weather, clothes, number of sprays, usually an average of 8 to 36 hours

    • Key Notes: Eathery Vanilla, Salty, Creamy Ambergris, Green Violet Leaves.

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