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  • Introducing the White Embroidered Yemeni Shemagh Headscarf, a captivating accessory that embodies the essence of summer. Crafted from premium fabric, this head-turning ghutra features a pristine white hue that radiates freshness and coolness, making it the perfect complement for the sunny season. Adorned with a colorful embroidered border and a beautiful patterned motif in each corner, this shemagh takes you on a Yemeni adventure like no other.


    - Premium Quality

    - Versatile Style

    - Exclusive Design

    - Lightweight

    - Unique Gift


    Each shemagh in this range is made in a unique way, allowing you to distinguish yourself from the crowd. The intricate threadwork and vibrant color combination add an elegant look to the shemagh, making it an indispensable and chic accessory for special occasions such as weddings, traditional ceremonies, or religious events.


    Wrap it around your head for a classic and refined look that exudes sophistication. Drape it over your shoulders as a lightweight shawl to shield you from the sun while maintaining a stylish appearance. The possibilities are endless with this versatile accessory that captures the spirit of Yemeni craftsmanship and summer style.


    Elevate your wardrobe with the White Embroidered Yemeni Shemagh Headscarf. Its exquisite embroidery, unique design, and refreshing white color make it a standout piece that celebrates both tradition and contemporary fashion. Experience the allure of this head-turning accessory and embark on a Yemeni adventure like no other.


    • 55" x 55"

      Frayed edges

      Hand Wash or Machine Wash on Delicates

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