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Shy Oud Extrait by Fakhama Fragrances is aromatic and woody, with a rich, silky scent and feel. A remarkable chimera which will invite you in the following scents: Floral, Boisé, Oud, Mukhallat, Oriental.


With a strong top note of Luban (or Frankincense) and the sweet balsamic fragrance of Honey to bring a soft sweetness, Shy Oud slowly fades into the deep, striking scent of Agarwood.


Treat yourself to the scented, silky feel of Shy Oud. 


Also comes in 10ml sample spray. Perfect to find your new favorite!


  • It depends on many factors, such as weather, clothes, number of sprays, usually an average of 8 to 36 hours

  • Key Notes: Pepper, Rose, Oud, Amber, Musk.

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