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Safari Extreme Extrait by Fakhama Fragrances is an outstanding well blended perfume. 


Just close your eyes and feel with all your body and soul the aroma of deep, melodic and long-playing notes of expensive white agarwood and jasmine, with a hint of vanilla extract. The youngest seeds of vanilla are collected and dried under the scorching Arabian sun, which gives the aroma a very fresh and bright plume. Pineapple and ylang-ylang notes will give you a sense of excitement and satisfaction and will be gently dipped in warm and soft cedar notes. Woody fragrance softened citrus notes, vanilla - and it turns out something magical and impeccable.


Very Arabian in sensibilities and immediately transporting you to the lands of Arabia. Bold and beautiful unisex perfume. 


Also comes in 10ml sample spray. Perfect to find your new favorite!



  • It depends on many factors, such as weather, clothes, number of sprays, usually an average of 8 to 36 hours

  • Key Notes: Floral Notes, Vanilla, Agarwood (Oud), Sandalwood, Spicy Notes, Woody Notes.

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