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Rouge 540 oil-based attar is a intoxicating scent that is far from your average fragrance and a scent that will always capture people's attention!


The floral-meets-woody aroma is subtly decadent and also smells powerfully sophisticated. Its unique notes of seductive jasmine, ambergris, and cedar mesh so well making it one of the few truly universally flattering scents for men and women!


Its subtle richness stays consistent throughout the day, and warms up beautifully on the skin. Perfect for special occasions, nights out and semi-formal events.


It’s one of the best fragrances for men and women that is also ideal for daytime or evening use with a sophisticated and spicy scent. It is more than just a perfume; it's an experience. Never diluted with alcohol, making it much more potent than a conventional perfume.


Buy a bottle now and see why it's such a sensation.


  • It depends on many factors, such as weather, clothes, number of sprays, usually an average of 8 to 36 hours

    • Notes include: Jasmine, Saffron, Ambergris, Cedar, Fir Resin.

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