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  • Experience the tranquility of a clear blue sky with our Serene Sky Blue Khaleeji Bisht. This exquisite garment, also known as Mishla or ʿAbāʾas in certain regions, encapsulates a sense of calmness and timeless grace, making it a captivating choice for formal occasions and cherished celebrations.


    Meticulously crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Sky Blue Khaleeji Bisht emanates an aura of serenity and elegance. The delicate sky blue color evokes a soothing ambiance, reminiscent of a peaceful oasis, and creates an atmosphere of refined sophistication.


    The luxuriously soft fabric drapes flawlessly over your attire, gracefully enhancing your silhouette with every step. Its seamless flow exudes an ethereal beauty that captivates all who behold it, while ensuring your comfort and confidence throughout the day or evening.


    Our Sky Blue Khaleeji Bisht pays homage to the cherished traditions of the Khaleeji region, where this garment holds a significant cultural importance. It represents the harmonious blend of heritage and contemporary style, showcasing the enduring legacy of grace and refinement.


    Whether attending a grand gala, a joyous ceremony, or seeking to infuse your everyday life with an air of tranquility and elegance, our Sky Blue Khaleeji Bisht is the embodiment of timeless grace. It transcends fleeting fashion trends, leaving a lasting impression with its understated yet captivating beauty.


    Elevate your style to new heights and immerse yourself in the serenity of our Serene Sky Blue Khaleeji Bisht. Allow this extraordinary garment to become a cherished symbol of your appreciation for refined aesthetics and your connection to the rich cultural heritage of the Khaleeji region.


    • Made of a wool blend fabric with golden threaded embroidery work on the edges.

      Comes in one size and will fit regular sizes up to very large sizes.

      Lenght 60"-62". You will need  need to cut the length to fit your height.

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