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Emarati Musk Extrait by Fakhama Fragrances stands for the pride and patriotism of Emarati people. It is aimed at anyone who loves luxury and can appreciate the top-quality ingredients and original composition of the fragrance.


Emarati Musk has an oriental allure that will make you discover the sweetness of its fruity fragrances (the dates that bring a warm and spicy scent), musky (musk for its smell and its property of fixation), gourmet and sweet (effect of vanilla). This fragrance stands for the Emarati nature and embodies their culture and heritage.


Also comes in 10ml sample spray. Perfect to find your new favorite!


  • It depends on many factors, such as weather, clothes, number of sprays, usually an average of 8 to 36 hours

  • Key Notes: Date, Vanilla, White Musk

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