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  • Create your own bundle by selecting two fragrances from the Privee Couture Collection made for men and women.




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    • It depends on many factors, such as weather, clothes, number of sprays, usually an average of 8 to 36 hours

    • Privee Couture Collection Accento

      Privee Couture Collection Accento Eau de Parfum is the definition of pure refinement. From the initial citrus burst to warm embracing base notes, it manages a nonchalant sophisticated aura that is so hard to achieve. A bright burst of citrus notes begin the symphony as a rare pineapple note delicately sweetens and rounds out the initial greeting. Soon, a complex array of floral spicy notes of jasmine, iris and pink pepper break the initial bond and brings about a seductive interplay that only heightens the senses. Finally, a warm embracing blend of patchouli, amber, musk and vanilla round out the composition and provide a final bow to the symphony of notes.


      Privee Couture Collection Ambre Nuit

      Privee Couture Collection Ambre Nuit Eau de Parfum orchestrates an encounter between two extremes. It is, in some way, the fragrant embodiment of Beauty and the Beast. This perfume combines the deep, animal facet of amber with the delicate velvet of Turkish rose. Ambre Nuit opens with bright and luminous fresh notes of grapefruit and sunny bergamot as an exciting overture to intoxicating Turkish rose combined with passionate pink pepper. Warm amber notes round up the whole composition and leave a seductive effect.


      Privee Couture Collection Avento

      Fragrant touchstones from Corsica, Italy, Spain, Egypt and Louisiana—a worldly blend for individuals who savour a life well-lived. So well blended, with great quality and easy to wear. There is not an occasion or season where this cannot be worn.


      Privee Couture Collection Black Afgano

      Privee Couture Collection Black Afgano Eau de Parfum is the result of a quest to arouse the effects of temporary bliss. Straight out of the bong you are greeted with a dense aroma chemical sucker punch made up of synthetic Givaudan oud, coupled with an underpinned cedar effect in the form of Kephalis There is also a hint of wood-scented cigarette smoke in the opening minutes of the fragrance. Black Afgano’s mid-notes develop into smelling like marijuana with a dry, herbal-leafy accord tinged with a sweet sweaty note. In the dry down Black Afgano becomes vanillic ambery with a touch of patchouli. The lasting power of the fragrance is sensational. Bold and masculine which says “Dare to wear me”. It does not require any additions for it to steal your heart away.


      Privee Couture Collection Gabrielle

      Privee Couture Collection Gabrielle Eau de Parfum shines with intensity, inviting all women reveal their true selves, to follow their instincts by expressing their freedom and speaking their mind. The voluptuous scent works its magic to reveal each individual identity. Solar, it heightens the dazzling charisma of the woman who wears it with warmth and luminosity. Distinct scent promises to last all day with notes of mandarin, tuberose and sandalwood.


      Privee Couture Collection Gris Montaigne

      Privee Couture Collection Gris Montaigne Eau de Parfum is a chypre floral fragrance for women that comes across as polite and easy to wear. The fragrance is noticeable without being loud, but it has enough character to be memorable. It features bergamot, rose, patchouli, amber, cedar, sandalwood and oakmoss. They together give off a bitter and sweet, woody notes that is intensely refreshing. Privee Couture Collection Gris Montaigne fragrance is an everlasting symbol of elegance, perfection, and luxury. The fragrance is irresistibly appealing, fascinating. With it on you, you are good to go.


      Privee Couture Collection Interlude

      Privee Couture Collection Interlude Eau de Parfum offers a calm, intimate sanctuary in the midst of our modern chaotic world. It is a triumph of technical mastery with notes put together like the bricks in an Egyptian pyramid, in a vision of intricate, olfactory complexity. Yet, Privee Couture Collection Interlude Eau de Parfum is also an incredibly changing fragrance that will throw off different colours and shapes like a kaleidoscope. The broad strokes occasionally remain the same, but the details differ each time. Long lasting perfume will keep you refreshed all day long.


      Privee Couture Collection Oud Ispahan

      Privee Couture Collection Oud Ispahan Eau de Parfum is masterfully crafted, elegant and sophisticated unisex perfume, to say the least. It is a versatile oriental floral fragrance and can be worn for any occasion be it casual or formal. Oud Ispahan blends sweet, fresh rose with soft oud notes to make for a truly warm and welcoming scent. It strikes the right balance between soothing and powerful, making it perfect to be worn by both men and women. Long lasting perfume will keep you refreshed all day long. Perfect for special occasions, nights out and semi-formal events.


      Privee Couture Collection Rose Musk

      Privee Couture Collection Rose Musk Eau de Parfum is especially great for women who love floral fragrances with the sensual aroma of musk. This fragrance represents the purest notes of roses harmonised with rare musk and underlined with a touch of jasmine. Roses give a passionate note with a refreshing flourish of floral fragrance. Musk adds a comforting animalic essence whilst jasmine brings the two together with just a touch of sweetness. These recreate that warm feeling of freshly washed linen that comforts the senses. The strong sillage of this fragrance will leave your presence behind in any room.


      Privee Couture Collection Roses Vanille

      Privee Couture Collection Roses Vanille Eau de Parfum is an oriental vanilla fragrance for women. The aim of this fragrance is to delight lovers of perfumes by combining the best of western and oriental styles. The composition of Privee Couture Collection Roses Vanille is brilliant in its simplicity and concurrent imagination. The fragrance will be loved by women who like sweet vanilla, especially in a stunning combination with roses. Privee Couture Collection Roses Vanille is suitable for day and evening wear throughout the year. It always gives the wearer a feeling of the exceptional and a touch of true luxury.


      Privee Couture Collection Sauvage

      Privee Couture Collection Sauvage Eau de Parfum offers extreme freshness coloured with warm oriental-style hues and evocative oriental notes. The scent begins with top notes of pepper and Calabrian bergamot followed by a menagerie of heart notes such as patchouli, geranium, vetiver, lavender, pink pepper, Sichuan pepper, and elemi, wrapped up in the smoky aroma of Papua New Guinean vanilla absolute. Its warm and woody base consists of cedar, labdanum, and ambroxan.


      Privee Couture Collection Tuscan Leather

      A Chypre blend of notes brings a raw, yet reserved sensuality to this original take on a classic leather scent. The perfume unfolds immediately into a composition of smoky balsam, leather and amber, and its character remains unchanged during its development. It is a very modern leather composition in that the animalic notes have a dry quality and the amber is not the classical sweet vanilla and labdanum base, but a transparent, crisp woody note. The darkness of the composition is pleasantly alleviated by the herbal and sheer floral (hedione) notes. Privee Couture Collection Tuscan Leather Eau de Parfum does not shock, nor does it challenge, but for an elegant, day-into-evening fragrance, it is an excellent choice.


      Privee Couture Collection Velvet Desert Oud

      Privee Couture Collection Velvet Desert Oud Eau de Parfum smells like a breeze through the dunes of a desert. This unisex fragrance seduces with classic Middle Eastern incense notes topping a heart of mysterious oud and the sweetness and depth of amber, creating a fragrance reminiscent of opulent Arabian luxury. The lingering soft musky base notes leave a final memory of the sweet seduction.

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