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  • Dive into the tranquil beauty of Yemen with our Sana'a Elite Range Yemeni Shemagh headscarf, now available in a serene and sophisticated shade of blue. This exceptional accessory infuses your style with a sense of calmness, elevating your wardrobe with a touch of natural elegance.


    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Yemeni Shemagh features a colorful embroidered border and intricate patterned motifs in each corner, enhancing its overall appeal and cultural significance.


    Each shemagh in our range is a unique masterpiece, allowing you to stand out with individuality and style. The carefully selected thread work and the deep blue hue bring an air of sophistication to this accessory, making it versatile for special occasions such as weddings, traditional gatherings, and religious ceremonies.


    Designed exclusively for gentlemen, the Sana'a Elite Range Yemeni Shemagh not only enhances your attire but also represents the rich heritage and traditions of Yemen. With its versatile styling options, you can effortlessly drape it over your shoulders, wrap it around your neck, or create a stylish turban, showcasing your personal flair.


    Embark on an extraordinary Yemeni adventure with our exceptional Yemeni Shemagh scarf in the captivating shade of blue. Let it envelop you in the cultural richness and timeless beauty of Yemen, leaving a lasting impression wherever your journey takes you.


    • 55" x 55"

      Frayed edges

      Hand Wash or Machine Wash on Delicates

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